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Purpose: To capture an inspirational and realistic image of what Jesus looked like when he lived on earth. Staring and gazing at the image will help you transform and heal. The goal is to bring present the Christ light/ consciousness through a picture of Jesus. You can save the image on your left to use on your website with credits. Or you can download Jesus wallpaper with this image for your desktop.

Qualities of this Picture of Jesus

Jesus was innocent like a child. Full of love. One with God, the creator. Possessed: Infinite compassion. Infinite peace. Infinite patience. Infinite Caring. Full of grace.

A Prayer to Connect with Jesus To Create the Picture

Begin with a prayer. Even say it outloud. It does not have to be exact, but here is my best guess of a good prayer.

God, I wish to create an image of Jesus that inspires and heals people. Please help me. Please allow me to receive a connection with the Christ energy. I ask for the grace of the connection and inspiration of Jesus Christ.

Constantly Have Your Mind on The Light of Christ

Constantly be thinking of this prayer, of Christ, of his qualities of love and forgiveness, innocence, of peace. Keep focusing and opening to these ideas and feelings. Keep trying to capture the figure of Jesus that possess these qualities on paper. At some point, if you are sincere in your effort, a feeling will enter into you. A feeling of excitement, or love, or expansion. You cannot force the feeling, it will come if you struggle for, and seek it. The mind and body relax, and then there is an opening. In the opening there is perhaps even tears of joy. When you feel this feeling and then draw from it, that is the image I want.

Revealing Christ Within

That the compassion, love, bliss, etc. can be shown with an expression and a face. Without more. However I would also consider doing a series with the same character that has more to the image.

For me the face tells the story. I know that this is plain. But perhaps for you it works well to start with the light ray etc. But for me I don't need that. I just want the essence of Jesus / Christ, the essence of love and compassion to awaken in the realistic Jesus in the painting. Transcend any idea you have and just be open to a vision of Christ which reveals itself in your creative process?

Finding Christ Can Be a Struggle

At the same time, if you can connect with the feeling or energy of christ, such as through the meditation, then the drawing will be easier. So the struggle is the connection. In that struggle, especially if you start with a meditation, the inspired feeling or an image might come to you.

But you know as an artist that what you feel when you draw, emerges into the project. I think if you are able to relax your mind or set your ego aside to draw, to forget about all ideas and conceptions, and just be in the sea of the present moment, without expectations, that an inspiration will happen. Sometimes the inspiration requires struggle to reach. Perhaps it will come unexpectedly when you are working on another drawing.

Taking Time to Connect with Christ

In part I feel the ego/mind/will power is doing the coloring and not the state of being that did the original drawing. But I cannot say for certain if I completely don't like the colors. But I am not clear. So I am not sure if part of the coloring feels good, and part does not feel good. But overall the coloring is missing the special feeling. It actually is distracting me from the connection with the drawing and Jesus.

I thought you were very clear on what the project needed. So I held back on giving further advice because I didn't want to take you out of the zone. I am willing to lend more support if you need it.

I think take your time and go slower.
There is no hurry and this project requires the magic touch you had when you did the sketch. If this is successful then this is a long term relationship and project. So if it takes even many more weeks of waiting I am okay with that.

Inspirational Pictures of Jesus Christ

That you can look through them, into the past, into the memory of humanity and see through these images to the real Jesus hidden beneath them. To me at least the eyes in the Mandylion.jpg have a similar and accurate expression to the real Jesus. Although this image has been painted over, so you must try to look through the painting.

Jesus Wallpaper

Jesus Wallpaper 1024 x 168 Jesus Wallpaper

Inspirational Poetry by David Whyte to Help You Have Faith Connect With Jesus


About the Jesus Picture Artist Bojan Rajic

Aritst BojanBojan is born in Croatia. Currently residing in Rijeka, a city on a beautiful cost of Adriatic see. Drawing since he was a child, always interested in art in all forms, he established himself as a freelance illustrator, coordinating time to also finish a law school to be his second important life occupation. Showing interest in many artistic fields, from cartooning and comic books, to fine art and digital painting. He is a published author for several children`s books, Ebook illustrations, classic book illustrations etc., and continues to work on giving appearance and life to wide variety of artistic ideas. Bojan is available for free lance artwork on Elance.


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